What are the side effects of drastic weight loss?

Planning to achieve a dramatic weight loss should be followed up with a proper diet plan so that you can still maintain healthy eating habits. In the most common cases, having extreme weight loss deprives the body of the essential nutrients required for adequate growth. This is because the weight loss plan has not been backed up with a healthy diet plan. You will have to go by the proven methods to lose weight, such as eating healthful foods, cutting calories, and being physically active. But making these lifestyle changes isn't easy, so you might wonder if taking safe and effective weight-loss dietary supplements might be the right addition.

Remember, opting for shortcuts to having a drastic change in your weight in a short period might be an indirect invitation to severe health problems. This article deals with all the side effects of how a rapid weight loss might backfire.

Side effects of a drastic weight loss

1) Muscle loss

Losing weight means it's not just the weight you lose, but also the muscle loss. It might strip away body fat. Destabilizing the fat to muscle ratio, a loss in muscle mass might decrease the metabolism rate. Weaker muscles lead to a more sluggish metabolism. This leads to an inconvenience caused in performing day-to-day activities.

2) A loose skin 

The excessive portions of the skin might sag if you go through a drastic weight loss. This is because of the incapability of the skin to retract when the fat is gone, and your skin may not have enough elasticity to shrink back down to your current body shape. The more significant weight loss, the more pronounced the loose skin effect. 

3) Hair loss

A crash diet plan might leave you with a gradual hair loss as your body is deprived of the essential nutrients at this stage. Following a crash diet plan means excessive calorie confinement linked to various nutritional deficiencies and a negative psychological change, all of those factors supporting hair loss. 

4) Menstrual irregularities

Excessive weight loss and eating disorders can cause menstrual irregularities. Women who go through rapid weight loss might not get periods in their scheduled menstrual cycle. It might either get delayed or could eventually stop. Suffering irregular periods is because of the insufficient consumption of calories that could disrupt the hormonal balance.

5) Fatigue-drastic drop in energy levels

The tiredness or the fatigue factor comes into play with insufficient calories, hurting the energy levels. Getting physically tired too quickly is a very prominent attribute associated with a drastic drop in energy levels. There also is a negative effect on the cognitive functions and mood(a constant feeling of irritation), which might hamper your creativity and eventually your productivity.   

A drastic weight loss theory never works

Remember, you will undoubtedly feel the maximum number of side effects impacting you if you follow a dramatic weight loss theory. Here, patience and quality living is the secret sauce to success. The most significant weight loss results cannot be achieved in one day. You will have to abide by the proven ways to lose weight. There will be a transformation in your lifestyle that isn't easy, so you might wonder if taking a dietary supplement promoted for weight loss works.

Avoid conventional dieting in any case