List the evidence based benefits of Green tea?

Brewed from the Camellia sinensis plant leaves, green tea is the evergreen source to stay fit and healthy. Its consumption leads to some amazing health benefits like:

  • Improving blood flow 
  • Lowering cholesterol levels
  • Improving overall heart health 
  • Improving brain functioning, and
  • Increasing fat burning

 Green tea is an all-in-one solution to stay fit. 

When we talk of consuming a rich diet, we mean to have fruits, healthy fats, proteins, and whole grains., And when we talk about weight loss, we plan a low carbohydrate diet that helps weight loss. And Green tea is one such health beverage that helps you aid your weight loss regime. 

Green tea is packed with health-promoting compounds, and regular consumption reduces the risk of several diseases. Also, not denying that green tea is suitable for weight loss, let's now list the other evidence-based benefits of green tea.

1) Contains healthy bio-active compounds

Being extracted through a popular leaf known as Camellia sinensis, green tea serves a pleasant taste and positive health benefits. Containing healthy bio-active compounds, the leaves of green tea are rich in phenolic compounds with antioxidant, antimicrobial, anticancer, anti-obesity, and anti-diabetic properties. Bio-active compounds are extra nutritional constituents that are found to provide health benefits beyond the basic nutritional requirements. 

2) Increases fat burning

As mentioned earlier, Green tea is good for weight loss. It helps to burn the fat quickly since it increases the rate of metabolism in the body. The caffeine and catechins it contains are proven to boost your metabolism rate and help you burn an additional amount of calories. Not only fat burning but a healthy consumption of green tea is crucial even for improving exercise performance.

3) Antioxidants kill free radicals associated with cancer 

The presence of free radicals has always been associated with cancer. These unstable molecules, known as free radicals, are dangerous for the body cells. The presence of antioxidants prevents this form of damage and thereby reduces the risks associated with cancer. 

4) Protects the brain from ageing

Consumption of green tea in healthy amounts might suppress the ageing of the brain. Drinking several cups of green tea in a day prevents your brain from wear and tear. In addition to improving brain function in the short term, it also protects the brain in the longer term. The usage of green tea enhances overall brain health.

5) Improves brain function

The brain's overall functioning is improved with the help of the combination of two main compounds present in green tea. These are the caffeine and L-theanine that work synergistically to enhance the efficiency of the functioning that the brain provides. It keeps you alert and acts as a stimulant to push your brain towards working faster.

6) Reduces bad breath

Green tea is an effective home remedy for bad breath. Green tea consumption is associated with specific disinfectant and deodorizing properties that are considered suitable for bad breath. Freshening the breath temporarily, it acts as an ideal mouth freshener. So a cup of green mint tea is always preferred when one feels a foul breath odor. 

7) Helps prevent type 2 diabetes

Caffeinated green tea helps lower the risk of type-2 diabetes. For people who have been diagnosed with diabetes, green tea is the best source for managing blood sugar levels. Green tea consumption is also related to the fasting glucose and insulin levels that measure diabetes health. 

Enjoy life in every sip

A chest of tea is a bouquet of sentiments cherished sip by sip. The best-selling varieties of green tea are just like a committed relationship that follows no addiction. There is undoubtedly no harm in being a green tea addict, especially if you don't spoil yourselves with an overdose. Just balance your diet and take the required amount of green tea daily. Proper and regular consumption of it will make you stay fit and live longer. Sip some green tea daily and enjoy life gulp by gulp!